Theatre Resume

Writer, Director, Actor

  1. Stillborn, Annex Theatre 
  2. Sunny Nights, Alumnae Theatre 
  3. The Rugged Cross, Solar Stage
  4. Inside Out, The Stone Church 
  5. Perfect, The Stone Church 
  6. His Day, The Stone Church 
  7. Gift, The Stone Church 
  8. Coffee & Cake, The Stone Church
  9. Story of a Boy, The Stone Church
  10. Born For This, The Stone Church
  11. Hero, The Stone Church
  12. Heaven & Earth, The Stone Church

Writer, Director

  1. The Way of the Cross, The Stone Church
  2. Close, The Stone Church
  3. Listen to Grace, The Stone Church
  4. Up in the Attic, The Stone Church
  5. Children of Light, The Stone Church
  6. black/white, The Stone Church
  7. Thirsty, The Stone Church
  8. Mercy & Love, The Stone Church
  9. The Ripple Effect, The Stone Church


  1. A Nation Will Rise, Selywn Outreach Centre
  2. Blue, The Village Playhouse
  3. Not With a Bang But a Whimper (One Act Play completed for the Toronto Fringe 24 Playwriting Contest, 2010)
  4. Tea Time ((One Act Play completed for the Toronto Fringe 24 Playwriting Contest, 2011)
  5. Animal, reading (June 2014
  6. Overtime, at the Toronto Fringe Festival (July 2015)

Director, Actor

  1. Dead by Friday, The Stone Church


  1. Over the River and through the Woods, The Village Playhouse 
  2. Murder in Green Meadows, George Ignatieff Theatre 
  3. Some Assembly Required, The Papermill Theatre


For a list of Romeo’s screenplays and plays, visit HERE.


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