Seek Balance

A 75 year black man living his final days in a not-so-nice retirement home and a 23 year-old white woman with a chip on her shoulder, form an unlikely bond over their shared loneliness and loss which leads them to the banks of the Mississippi River. This above description is the scenario of my new […]

We Have Today

  We can sometimes get caught up with life, the busyness of life – our plans for the future and regrets of the past. But when it comes down to it, today, right now in this moment, wherever you are, this day is the only day that matters. The other two days – the yesterday/past […]

Handling Rejection

You have to try if you have any dreams of succeeding. And when you try, you will fail, there will be rejection. But rejection/failure is a good thing.   Turn that rejection into a motivator to try even harder, to get better. Rejection should fuel you to reach higher heights not to throw a pity party […]

The Waiting Place

There are times in life when you must wait your turn.   The worse thing to do while you wait is to sit and do nothing. And doing nothing can be very tempting (and easy) because creating something new from scratch is like climbing a rocky mountain. But regardless of how hard it is and how […]

Revisiting Animal

In the past 2 weeks, I went back and re-visited a play of mine called . Animal is a story about a woman suffering from mental illness and how that illness plays havoc on the family members around her. It is a story I first began writing back in 2008 and since that time have […]

Stand Out

My screenplay, has been re-optioned by producer Pat Patterson. Pat first optioned the script in August 2014 and since that time, she has held a reading in New York and has received tons of feedback on the script.  I have done a re-write and Pat has been moving forward with more re-writes and financing of […]

Finalist…now wait

You never know what can happen if you commit to a passion and you walk through/endure all the highs and lows that it entails. Belief and hope are powerful tools to keep you on a narrow path that often feels lonely and filled with doubt. It’s important along the way to have encouraging people around […]

The Road Ahead

Several people who have watched my seasonal plays, came up to me after my most recent Christmas production – and said: “That was the best one you’ve done”. To which I responded with: “The best is yet to come”.  This motivates me to work harder and get better. No matter what you do or who […]

The Journey, Not the Destination

Below, I stand with the cast of in the curtain call of our closing performance on Sunday night. I began  in June where I auditioned actors and for the month of July and August I wrote the script. It has been a 5-month journey. I’m sure many of you have heard it said that it […]

The Great Surrender

Logline: A disillusioned former high school football star’s life is left in ruins after a tornado puts his mother in a coma, which in turn, awakens his purpose, but it may not be enough to overcome a tragic past he’s lied about. Synopsis: Zackary Foley grew up in Oklahoma where he played high school football […]

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