Heaven & Earth

Main Cast & Creative Gallery Main Synopsis The Gray family and the Parker family are in need of miracles. It’s Christmas morning and in the Gray household there is no tree standing, no lights hanging and not a present in sight. Meanwhile, the Parkers spend their morning sitting in a car outside the Gray’s – […]

Children of Light

Main Cast & Creative Gallery & Media Main Synopsis Margaret Clayborne has suffered a stroke. She lives with her daughter Carol who takes care of her on the family farm.   With the holiday season approaching, coupled with her recent health scare, Margaret is distorting events related to Christmas. She is having visions of a boy […]

Up in the Attic

main Cast & Creative Gallery & Media Related Blog Entries main   Synopsis Hannah Walker and her ailing sister Victoria have recently come home to help their mother Leah pack up the family home.  The Walkers have sold their house and are moving… but in more directions than they realize.    Looking for some peace and […]


Christmas Day. Wedding bells. A comic book. An inn. A child’s wisdom. Love. Birth…..A Hero.


LOGLINE: When Mara Bethel decides to sell her Kansas farmhouse, a tragic incident involving her husband Simon some 30 years ago comes back to both haunt and inspire her.  SYNOPSIS  “It’s okay”. Mara Bethel hears these words from her now-deceased husband Simon as she grapples with selling the Kansas farmland that she has lived on […]

Listen to Grace

When a step-father tries to control how his family navigates their way through the heroic death of the eldest sibling he is met with a great deal of scorn and resentment.

Born For This

Main   Cast & Crew Gallery & Media Main Synopsis Can one person change the world? When a near bankrupt drop-in shelter is on the verge of closing its doors for good over Christmas, the homeless residents and those who run the shelter, question what the future holds. What does it mean to believe when […]


Close tells the story of a teenage girl named Madeline who has locked herself in her parents’ basement and refuses to leave until she gets answers about the turmoil her family is going through. Close explores a profound encounter, family dynamics, and the idea that courage is not the absence of fear but the willingness, despite the fear, to stand firm and be counted.

Story of a Boy

Story of a Boy begins in 1969 during the Vietnam era and concludes in 2009. The play’s focus is on a mother and son and the journeys that take them on different paths. In life we can all get a little lost sometimes and in order to find our way back home we must be willing to accept love and forgiveness even if we feel we don’t deserve it. The events of this story take place on Christmas Eve through several decades.

Play Ball

(also known as WALK, A WALK IN THE PARK, THE TREE OF LIFE) Logline:  When a minister has visions of his deceased son and mother, coupled with showing the early signs of dementia, his fears overwhelm him and threaten the outcome of what could be his final sermon at a concert in a park where, […]

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