The Way of the Cross

The Way of the Cross tells the story of three distinct families who are each dealing with the absence of fathers while confronting painful realities in their respective lives. These three stories are linked together by a Stranger who enters their lives and tries to bring about a peace they desperately want and need. The play delves into themes of patience and waiting as we hope for things to change; and as we struggle with the limitations that life sometimes places upon us.

Coffee and Cake

Coffee & Cake was performed at the Stone Church on December 13 & 14, 2008. The entire production was put together by mostly volunteers. The play combined a drama with music and revolved around a wacky couple whose very traditional views are tested around the holiday season. The play sheds light on the true meaning of Christmas and deals with themes of acceptance and tolerance.


Gloria and Adam gather for a celebratory weekend at their brother Joel’s cottage. In the course of the weekend, secrets from Joel’s troubled past come to the surface. Confessions are made and each one’s perceptions of themselves and their family are irrevocably altered. These siblings struggle to sort through their troubled collective past and come to realize that in the light of truth healing is possible and hope survives.


It’s for anyone who wants it.

His Day

Main Cast & Creative Main At the Stone Church – December 2002 Cast & Creative Cast RUTH / YOUNG ANGELA – Lisa Ciolfi BROOK / RICHARD –Kevin Aichele DAVID – Ryan Creighton JOSEPHINE / JOSEPHINE’S MOTHER – Rhonda Matheson SARAH / SARAH’S MOTHER – Elaine Cousins RACHEL / RACHEL’S MOTHER – Leona Rekker LOCK / […]


Main Cast & Creative Chorus & Band Production Team Songs Main Synopsis “The possibilities are endless.” This dialogue epitomizes PERFECT, which tells the tale of Marilyn, a pregnant teen who faces huge challenges on the eve of Christmas. An allegory taken from the account of Mary and Joseph and leading up to and including Christ’s […]

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