Silver Linings


The above says it all.   I placed in the top 3 in the Page International Screenwriting Awards.    There were over 6300 entries, and I was competing in the Family Category, which had approximately 600 entries.  See all the winners HERE.  So my script placed in the top 3 out of around 600 screenplays entered in the family category, which is not a bad deal. And honestly, when it comes down to the top 10, it becomes such a subjective experience that I believe anyone of us could have placed first.

There is some monetary value in placing in the top page-award3, but more importantly, the judges are made up of producers, managers, agents, etc who in the next few weeks could request my script. Page promotes the winners and they will be contacting producers, representatives, and industry executives to tell them about the winning screenplays.   So here’s hoping out of all of this, something will come about.

Regardless of what happens, The Great Surrender was re-written for this competition and in the end, I have a much better script than the previous drafts. I’m confident that someone, somewhere will want to scoop up this story. There is an important lesson learned here as I continue pursuing this crazy career of writing.   You must keep doing the thing you love until the people who “make the decisions” cannot say NO to you any longer. Do not give them a reason, like in my case, to pass on my script, to not want to read it, to basically reject it. I must keep writing the best script possible so that no matter who reads it, they are left with no choice but to say: We must have this. Make them want you.

And that’s what I say to you today…whatever goals you are pursing keep doing it until they cannot ignore you any longer. And if you don’t know what “it” is, keep searching because I believe we are put on this earth for a reason. I don’t claim to have any great gift, I just happened to find my reason and I won’t let it go – I keep at it. I keep writing about a world of broken people, who despite their odds find that sliver of hope that we all desperately yearn, and they live to see the sun rise in the morning.

I hope wherever you are, the sun is rising…and if not today, then tomorrow. Look for the silver linings because it’s easy to ignore or miss them.


  1. Karen Coles says:

    Hi Romeo, congratulations on an amazing achievement. And your comments to us are also inspiring. I’m so happy for you and look forward to hearing more of this. Praise the Lord for your faithfulness in using the unique talents He has given you. We need quality work in Hollywood to minister to the world.

  2. Lisa England Williams says:

    Hey Romeo, congratulations on your terrific top 3 finish on the Page Awards! To go up against that quantity and caliber of competition and do so well (really winning) solidifies the great talent that God has blessed you with and your never-ending perseverance to stick with it. No doubt someone will “scoop” up this script along with others you have chiseled into perfection. Keep up the great work, and once again, thanks for letting us share in your win and all of your words of encouragement. May God continue to bless you …

  3. Congratulations Romeo. We’ve always been aware of your talent and now others are in on it as well!

  4. Norine and Bob says:

    Congratulations Romeo. This is wonderful news.

  5. Congratulations Romeo! Your persistence and talent is paying off!! Looking forward to hearing about who has picked your work up for a film!!! Keep it up!

  6. Linda Lyons says:

    This is fabulous news Romeo! From the very beginning you had a strong sense that this script was special. You were right. Now you can anticipate a ripple effect from this victory bringing new adventures ahead. Congratulations!

  7. Congrats, Rome! Very happy for you!

  8. Congratulations, Romeo! And thank you for your inspiring words!

  9. Josie Beylerian says:

    Well done Romeo. You are so-o-o-o-o persistent and it sure pays off. Now let’s see who will ask for your script and make a movie of it.

  10. That is amazing news Romeo!! I can’t imagine the competition….a winner out of 600 entries! Wow! You should be very proud of your work. I hope some smart person in the industry with some money to burn picks it up for production. That would be amazing and a great reward for your hard work.

  11. Wow such good news. Top three! It’s just as good as being the winner.

  12. Congratulations Romeo. We are so happy for you.

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