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Below you will find a short slide show of my weekend at the Movieguide Awards in Hollywood.   My screenplay Play Ball took 1st Runner Up at the Kairos Prize and I want to personally take this time and thank every person who has emailed me, responded on Facebook or on my blog here.   I have read every comment posted and was overwhelmed by the generous outpouring of well-wishes.   I heard from many family and friends and people I have known, worked with or crossed paths with over the years; it was great to hear from you all.   Since being back from California, I have said this to a few people that winning was made that much sweeter when I saw the joy it brought others.   I feel like I won twice.  Thank you.

As part of the prize, Play Ball will be sent out to producers.   I also will be shopping it around to production companies and agents in an effort to find a home for this project.  I am not sure what to expect, but I do know it’s a good script that deserves to be seen by an audience.   Hopes are high.  And no matter what happens, the work of writing continues…

Enjoy the slide show.


  1. Edith Reese says:

    You deserve it and more! Congratulations Romeo. You are an outstanding writer (I teach grade 2’s!). I can’t wait to see another amazing production you wrote and directed! Keep me posted!
    GOD Bless.


  2. Lisa England Williams says:

    O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo? Hollywood, of course! Congrats once again & thank you so much for allowing many of us to live vicariously through your great words & pix:) Continued success to you and God bless.

  3. Scott MacKinnon says:

    Congratulations Romeo. Your GOD given GIFTS have finally been recognized for what they are….BLESSINGS! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us! For the lives you’ve touched whether it be through your writing, as a director or acting partner, may GOD continue you to bless you! You look like you belong up there!!!

  4. Sandra B says:

    Rome, you look great!!! Congratulations again!

  5. Hi Romeo….great blog, great memories! Hope to see you in LA in April for the workshop….You are in my prayers…..Loved meeting you and look forward to our future….GOD Bless


  6. Anna Calcagno Murtaugh says:

    Great pictures! Things are happening for you Romeo! You have a wonderful talent that your friends and family have seen for years. It’s about time the world gets to see it! God Bless! from your longtime friend, Anna.

  7. Rob Covert says:

    the pictures were amazing!! All smiles..the tranquility shot of you on the boat was stunning.

  8. Donna Wichelman says:

    My prayers for God to open doors for you, Romeo. All the best.
    Donna Wichelman

  9. You gave an awesome speech Romeo! Was great to meet you in LA.

  10. d’oh! sorry, missed it at the bottom of the earlier post! ur speech touching and inspiring!

  11. Congratulations Rome! Just one of many great steps for you! Your tireless devotion and love of your craft will bring joy and peace to many audiences I’m sure. Way to go!! Any chance you can post your acceptance speech on the site??

  12. Great pictures…would love to of been there leading the cheers! This is just the beginning!

  13. Hey, nice suit!

  14. Stunning… and you look pretty good too ; )

  15. Next time you will have to take the kids!!!

  16. Great photos! Congratulations! Best as you promote the play and for what’s ahead!

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