Meet Liz

Liz Best (great last name) will be directing the Public Reading of my playhappening during the New Ideas Festival at the Alumnae Theatre in March.   New Ideas is a festival of plays that run over a 3 week period.  Each week has a set of different plays with short plays given a full staging and […]

It’s A Family Thing

In my screenplays and plays, the role of family is prominent in the stories I choose to tell.   Above are two members of my family.   Many of you know (through this website), have met, are an acquaintance of or have worked with my sister Lisa.  The fella between us is Lisa’s husband/my brother-in-law Rikk (that’s […]

How Fast Can You Write a Script?

Sylvester Stallone wrote Rocky in 3 days.   Kevin Williamson wrote SCREAM over a weekend.   Paul Schrader wrote TAXI DRIVER in 5 days. Spike Lee wrote DO THE RIGHT THING in 2 weeks.                   Paul Thomas Anderson  wrote MAGNOLIA in 2 weeks. Stephen Soderbergh wrote SEX, […]


  To be bold takes a step of courage.  Boldness can come in many different forms, and depending on your current situation, you may find yourself about to take that step of faith and forge forward. Not always easy – in life, there are no guarantees. Fear is our greatest enemy. Be a friend to […]

To Be or Not To Be

Disappointment.  I’m feeling that today.  Doubt.  Another good word.   To Be or Not To Be.  It’s something we must all ask ourselves.  If you are someone who is in a great place today, where things are just happening, where you are in the “TO BE” place, not the “NOT TO BE” place – good on […]


Meet Jane Miller. I’ve mentioned her a couple times on my blogs. We’re working on my play . Animal has been in development since (gulp) 2008. But let’s be clear. There were lots of times where I set the play aside and worked on many other projects. Since 2008, Animal has been through about 7 […]

Reach For The Top

Try. Just try. You may not always succeed. You may even fail more than you succeed. But it is in the trying that you gain insight into who you are and what you can become. The above quote is by writer Louisa May Alcott, whose most famous novel is Little Women. My highest aspirations are […]

The Agony of Defeat

You know the saying… “The thrill of victory.  The agony of defeat”.  The above video says it all. Recently, in game 7 of the Stanley Cup Conference Final, the Pittsburgh Penguins played the Ottawa Senators. Each team had won 3 games…the winner of game 7 would go onto play in the Stanley Cup Final. Game […]

The Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting

The Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting is a screenwriting prize that awards 5 writers each a fellowship of $35, 000.  It is the most sought after and prestigious award for screenwriters and is run by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the same folks who bring you the Oscars).   Over the years I have […]


I decided it was time to update my photo on the website as the one I had was a few years old. My brother Bob took this photo as well as a couple more, which you can check out at and at my . This certainly is NOT the face I have when I’m writing […]

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