Keep Climbing, Don’t Look Down

I spend a lot of time on the internet looking for places to send off my screenplays/plays. Moviebytes is a great source for screenwriters. It has a comprehensive list of all screenwriting contests in the world – most of them are in the U.S. I have sent my screenplays to many contests over the years […]

Looking Down at the Blank Page

Check out the  section of the website if you haven’t done so yet. I spent the last few days updating webpages and inputting production photos of Blue. Thanks to Andrew Shortt for taking these great shots. I got another rejection letter from a screenwriting contest last week. This one was for my screenplay The School. […]

"Well, Dear, Life is a Casting Off"

I finished writing a rough draft of Circus this past week. This is one of my favorite parts in the creative process when the first draft is completed on paper and now it’s time to type it onto the computer. When I move to the computer, the play will no doubt transform and it should. […]

On Page 69 in My New Play

I am on page 69 in my new play Circus and ACT 1 is now complete, albeit in very rough form, but the blueprint is there.  I am hoping by week’s end that the play will be complete on paper and then I will begin the process of transcribing what I wrote onto the computer.  This […]

Act 1, Setting, AT RISE…

I began writing a new play this past week and my lack of focus and general lethargy has frustrated me to no end. This is a play I started writing notes for back in January. But then the Blue re-write took over in February and March and then the production took over from there….until now. […]

Never a Shortage of Ideas

There is never a shortage of ideas when it comes to writing. The hard part is what to do with all those ideas? I was often asked during the run of Blue how I came up with the story and characters. That’s not an easy question to answer, particularly since half the time; I don’t […]

An Uplifting Creative Experience

Yesterday was the final performance of Blue. Within an hour, the stage was cleared, the garbage, collected and we gathered our crap and left. The last day is always a little sad, but we had a successful run with audiences all around genuinely affected. I am also proud of the people I have surrounded myself […]

This Is Why I Do What I Do

When Blue opened a couple days ago to a decent size house, I sat at the back of the theatre, watching the audience take in my play. A wave of incredible emotion swept through me as the last five years flashed before my eyes. I thought about when it all began and how Blue came […]

This Play Rocks!

It’s late…very late…too late or depending how you look at it, very early – morning, that is and I need to get some rest. BLUE premieres tonight and the last couple days have been a whirlwind of activity. We moved into the theatre a couple days ago, had a dress rehearsal yesterday…or is that today….I’ve […]

I’m Anticipating Great Things

Well here we are, the day before we move into the theatre and I’m anticipating great things. I’ve attended rehearsal the last two days and saw the cast come together. They have taken on their roles and have created superior individual characters that audiences, I am confident, will identify with. Last night I found myself […]

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