A Lesson in Creative Trust

Back in March, my screenplay Home won the Wildsound Screenplay Competition in Toronto. It was competing with 200 other scripts from North America and after winning, received a public reading. Following the reading, audience and moderator (Zaib Shaikh from Little Mosque on the Prairie) discussed my script. I sat and listened to all the comments […]

My first rehearsal of Blue

I attended my first rehearsal of Blue last night. The first act is entirely blocked and they will be moving to the second act starting next week. I watched an entire run-through of the act and although it’s very raw and the actors are just learning their lines and blocking, there were definite moments where […]

Before talking about Blue…

Before talking about Blue, I want to thank a few people who made this website possible. First off, it would not be up and running if it wasn’t for the help and patience my sister Lisa has shown this past month. I am not a technical person, neither is she, but she has a knack […]

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