Kairos Finalists

Both of my screenplays, and are now finalists in the Kairos Prize for Screenwriting. There are only five scripts left in the Pro-Prize category with one eventual winner given $15,000 on February 10. Here are the 5 scripts remaining with a short description of each. FINALISTS – KAIROS PRO PRIZE FOR SCREENWRITERS DONUTS WITH JERRY […]

The Life of a Writer

I received some encouraging news recently. Two of my screenplays, and placed in the TOP 7 of The Kairos Prize.   Here’s the official list: Kairos Pro Prize for Screenwriters Dark Days Donuts with Jerry Holiday in Heaven The Extremist The Great Surrender The Humble Walk The Living Water A prize of $15,000 will be awarded […]

A Year of Planting Seeds

What season are you in? Is this a season of growth? A season of waiting? Or…as in my case, a season of planting seeds. And like any garden, when planting, you hope for the best. You hope for seeds to grow and get strong and then one day reap a harvest. But sometimes things die, […]

Finalist in Diverse Voices

Great news to report from the WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Writing Contest – my screenplay has just advanced as a finalist.  The contest began with over 500 entries and was cut down to 120 scripts and now in the finalist round there are 30 scripts competing for the Grand Prize.   See the full list of finalists  […]

Let the Light In

This above quote by Ernest Hemingway sums up the cornerstone of themes I like to explore in my writing.   My characters, like many of us in real life, often hide our brokenness to the outside world. Being vulnerable is never easy, but we are all human and therefore fallible.   The question is will you let […]

Silver Linings

The above says it all.   I placed in the top 3 in the Page International Screenwriting Awards.    There were over 6300 entries, and I was competing in the Family Category, which had approximately 600 entries.  See all the winners HERE.  So my script placed in the top 3 out of around 600 screenplays entered […]


I’m not good at relaxing.   I’m not good at stepping away from writing and taking a break from the pressures of creating.   It doesn’t matter what field of work you’re in, there will always be job pressures…or just pressures of life whether you are raising children, caring for loved ones or breaking bad habits. Life […]

Onto The Next Round

Rejection is difficult. It can stop you in your tracks from moving forward or it can motivate you even more in doing what you must do.   It’s your choice. I won’t sit here and say I’m always motivated to write. I’m not. And any writer out there knows how hard it is to sit in […]

Semi-Finalist in Page

Page International Screenwriting Awards is a screenplay competition that hands out awards to the best screenplay in several different categories. There is also one Grand Price winner of $25,000. Last month I found out that I was a quarter-finalist out of 6100 entries (top 10%). And now just last week, I was informed I am […]

You Gotta Have Hope

You gotta have hope in this life. No matter who you are and where you find yourself at this very moment, hope is something you must grab onto, especially when things are dark or heavy or the light at the end of the tunnel is too dim to see.   Hope leads to belief and belief […]

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