Break Away

When demons from his past come back to haunt an artistic father, his life-long struggle with mental illness resurfaces and throws his family into turmoil, threatening his son’s burgeoning hockey career.

Let It Shine

Logline A sprawling tale of love, faith and sacrifice that spans years in the life of one family as seen through the eyes of its youngest member – a precocious child whose extraordinary bond with her unpredictable, compassionate older brother teaches her that in order to stand out, one must not be afraid to shine. […]

The Living Water

Logline: A 75 year black man living his final days in a not-so-nice retirement home and a 20-something white woman with a chip on her shoulder, form an unlikely bond over their shared loneliness and loss which leads them to the banks of the Mississippi River. Synopsis: 1966.  Mississippi.  George Bloom, a 26 year-old black […]

The Great Surrender

Logline: A disillusioned former high school football star’s life is left in ruins after a tornado puts his mother in a coma, which in turn, awakens his purpose, but it may not be enough to overcome a tragic past he’s lied about. Synopsis: Zackary Foley grew up in Oklahoma where he played high school football […]

The Ripple Effect

Main Cast & Creative Main Trailer to , on stage Dec 12 & 13…   Synopsis Skye Sutherland stands alone on a bridge and looks out as she contemplates her life on Christmas morning. When a Stranger approaches her and begins a conversation, Skye is at first annoyed.   However, the longer the Stranger stays, the […]


Darby, a young playwright lives with his mentor Carla – a 63 year retired teacher who suffers with various ailments.   When Darby shares his latest play it strikes all too closely to his mentor’s life.  Carla accuses him of stealing from her life.   Tension escalates following Darby’s chance meeting in a park with Jewel, a […]

Mercy and Love

Main Cast & Creative Gallery Main Marie is angry that she has not been able to let go of a loss in her life. James struggles with the reality of his grandpa’s ailing health. Rebecca, a counsellor, tries to help these two broken souls as she herself grapples with her own inner demons of a […]


main Cast & Creative Related Blog Enteries main Thirsty Trailer Synopsis Water.   Monopoly.  Imaginary Friends.  A Christmas Tree.   Secrets.  Lies. Courage.   Travis Weir has a lot on his mind.   He’s different than most kids       and retreats to a forest near his house to get away from it all.  One day in this forest, Travis meets a […]

Who is Molly Steele?

Logline: A catastrophe pushes Molly Steele to take a cross-country road trip to the place where she grew up to confront the haunted memories she has buried her entire life. Synopsis: Finish what you start. Molly Steele lives by these words.   She is known as a shrewd lawyer who gets the job done.   But her […]


June 2, 2014 – Live Reading of the play Animal. Animal Synopsis   Raina Shepherd is a sick woman:  schizophrenic, bipolar and manic depressive.   And she likes to bite.  To make matters worse, she’s off her medication.    A recent tragedy has shattered Raina’s world and she has shut everyone out of her life including her psychiatrist, Dr […]

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