Let It Shine

Logline A sprawling tale of love, faith and sacrifice that spans years in the life of one family as seen through the eyes of its youngest member – a precocious child whose extraordinary bond with her unpredictable, compassionate older brother teaches her that in order to stand out, one must not be afraid to shine. […]

The Living Water

Logline: A 75 year black man living his final days in a not-so-nice retirement home and a 20-something white woman with a chip on her shoulder, form an unlikely bond over their shared loneliness and loss which leads them to the banks of the Mississippi River. Synopsis: 1966.  Mississippi.  George Bloom, a 26 year-old black […]

The Great Surrender

Logline: A disillusioned former high school football star’s life is left in ruins after a tornado puts his mother in a coma, which in turn, awakens his purpose, but it may not be enough to overcome a tragic past he’s lied about. Synopsis: Zackary Foley grew up in Oklahoma where he played high school football […]

Who is Molly Steele?

Logline: A catastrophe pushes Molly Steele to take a cross-country road trip to the place where she grew up to confront the haunted memories she has buried her entire life. Synopsis: Finish what you start. Molly Steele lives by these words.   She is known as a shrewd lawyer who gets the job done.   But her […]

The Porch

LOGLINE While praying for his sick mother on the family porch, a boy creates a comic book hero who comes to life and has a profound effect on his world and those close to him. SYNOPSIS Dallas Scatcher is an underweight, near-sighted 15-year-old who spends his early morning hours praying for his sick mother Kendra […]


LOGLINE: When Mara Bethel decides to sell her Kansas farmhouse, a tragic incident involving her husband Simon some 30 years ago comes back to both haunt and inspire her.  SYNOPSIS  “It’s okay”. Mara Bethel hears these words from her now-deceased husband Simon as she grapples with selling the Kansas farmland that she has lived on […]

Twig (work in progress – 4th draft)

When his father commits suicide and his mother is institutionalized, Eugene Twig moves back into his parents’ house and becomes a hoarder.  But when he meets a scrawny, former drama student and a woman sent to help clean up the house,Eugene is forced to face his buried life.   

The School

Noah Sadler is a school teacher who has been mourning the death of his fiancée for almost a year.  She was viciously murdered at the school where he taught and where he is afraid to return.  When he receives an invitation from his grade 2 class to come out to an art exhibit they are […]

Play Ball

(also known as WALK, A WALK IN THE PARK, THE TREE OF LIFE) Logline:  When a minister has visions of his deceased son and mother, coupled with showing the early signs of dementia, his fears overwhelm him and threaten the outcome of what could be his final sermon at a concert in a park where, […]

Signs & Wonders

Gavin Hopper is a counselor who one day takes his wife on a horseback adventure to celebrate their wedding anniversary.  Tragedy strikes when Gavin’s wife, Elizabeth, is tossed off her horse and sent into a coma.  Five years later, Elizabeth remains in a coma and the Hopper’s son, Dylan, is about to marry.  Dylan is […]

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