Signs & Wonders

Gavin Hopper is a counselor who one day takes his wife on a horseback adventure to celebrate their wedding anniversary.  Tragedy strikes when Gavin’s wife, Elizabeth, is tossed off her horse and sent into a coma.  Five years later, Elizabeth remains in a coma and the Hopper’s son, Dylan, is about to marry.  Dylan is […]


One year after the passing of their daughter, a troubled minister and his wife, Darren & Kim Yates, move toNew Yorkin hopes of saving their struggling marriage.   Kim’s guilt runs deep as she feels responsible for their daughter’s death while Darren’s many attempts to move on are met with scorn.   He encourages his wife to […]

Bleeding Heart

Yuri and Naomi Socorro are a couple with a strong faith that are deeply in love.  He is a reporter who has been around the world.  She is a novelist and patient wife who waits for him to return home from his trips.  Yuri’s next assignment is one that scares him; he is going to […]


Patmos is a barren, forsaken island symbolizing a state of loss and confusion.  For Alice Tyrrell, her daughter Dedra, Felix Hoffman, Elizabeth Portman and William Dolan existence is a sad and lonely place, each of them feeling trapped in their own little world.  While some are desperate to get off the island, others are unable […]


Skylar Ward is a happily married artist who cares for and lives with her autistic brother Bryce.  She is very protective of Bryce, revealing little to him about his painful past.  While her husband is away on business, Skylar’s world takes unexpected turns.  Her best friend Gilmore, a self-destructive artist, is on the verge of […]

A Survivor’s War

It is a hot summer in Baltimore and private wars are being  waged.  Lila Farrish is an independent, strong-willed woman searching out a link to her past, little knowing that this will inadvertently lead her and those she knows to be caught up in the gang-related violence gripping the city.  With the support of her […]

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