Let It Shine


A sprawling tale of love, faith and sacrifice that spans years in the life of one family as seen through the eyes of its youngest member – a precocious child whose extraordinary bond with her unpredictable, compassionate older brother teaches her that in order to stand out, one must not be afraid to shine.


Melody Fisher’s best friend is her older brother Trent, despite the fact they are 10 years apart. Trent is a restless soul, bored in school where he failed grade 4. Melody showed brilliance early on and not only passed grade 4 but skipped grade 5. They both struggled to fit in school and connecting with their fellow classmates.

Melody felt students treated her like she was too smart for them. School equalled jail for Trent’s wild energy. He was born with a compassionate soul, always wanting to lend a hand to those individuals who were less fortunate. At the age of 10, Trent bought a camera and took photos of people he helped. He hung these photos up and called it his “Mission Wall”. His motto: Be known for your goodness.

The Fisher family’s world turns upside down when Trent announces he is joining the army shortly after the events of 9/11.   Once a soldier, Trent is deployed, but leaves behind his camera and a mission for Melody. She is to find 3 strangers who need help, take their photos and start her own Mission Wall.

Throughout her childhood, Melody learns an important lesson. In order to stand out, one must not be afraid to shine. In the course of a few months she applies this to Trent’s mission. Her life is transformed when she reaches out to a Vietnam Vet with PTSD, an elderly African American Woman mourning the loss of her husband and a bullied “Geeky Boy” from her elementary school.

The story of the Fisher family spans years and culminates in a cathartic moment surrounding Trent’s fate as a soldier and his journey home.


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