LOGLINE: When Mara Bethel decides to sell her Kansas farmhouse, a tragic incident involving her husband Simon some 30 years ago comes back to both haunt and inspire her.


 “It’s okay”. Mara Bethel hears these words from her now-deceased husband Simon as she grapples with selling the Kansas farmland that she has lived on for over half her life. And so begins this unusual journey for Mara which takes her back 30 years to the time when Simon was struck by lightning on the land. It was a freak accident which he, at first, miraculously survived.

Simon was a storyteller, but after the accident, words flooded his mind to an even greater depth. He vividly saw his stories come to life.   In these powerful visions, Mara was in peril and Simon was her hero. After his passing, Mara buried Simon’s stories deep in her mind.

She remained on the farm for Simon, who loved the land and called it heaven. But Mara has lived a lonely life. Her once solid faith was shattered. When she finally decides to sell the farm it brings back a flood of painful memories and Simon’s wild tales re-surface. His stories not only become a catalyst for Mara to find courage to move on, but directly affect the lives of those around her.

Kendrick Silver is Mara’s farmhand. He is afraid to fly and yearns to make peace over the death of his twin brother in a plane crash. Tucker Dodd seeks Mara’s affections following the death of his wife, but Mara has been afraid to commit. Carmel Esposito, Mara’s mother, has been shut out of her daughter’s life since Simon’s passing. Carmel prays unceasingly for reconciliation and for Mara to sell the land, marry Tucker and let God back in.

As the Christmas season approaches and Simon’s stories haunt her, Mara searches for hope and understanding in the midst of profound sadness and lost years.






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