The Porch


While praying for his sick mother on the family porch, a boy creates a comic book hero who comes to life and has a profound effect on his world and those close to him.


Dallas Scatcher is an underweight, near-sighted 15-year-old who spends his early morning hours praying for his sick mother Kendra on the porch of his house. She is battling cancer and is doing a short stay in the hospital where her current treatment has left her fragile and weak.

Dallas is afraid to see his mother while she receives chemo and his parents fear that a hospital visit would have an adverse effect on their sensitive boy. But will Kendra ever return home? His father Michael keeps promising she will. But the days pass, and Michael begins to lose faith himself.

In order to cope, Dallas finds comfort in drawing comic books.   His latest creation is about a hero named Omar Traze in a comic called The Son Rises, a story inspired by another son – Jesus. When Omar comes to life off the pages of Dallas’s sketches, his world, and that of those around him, are profoundly changed.

Dallas’s world includes his nerdy friends Richie and the new girl across the street, Penelope. She befriends the boys at school where the three of them are constantly harassed by bullies.

When Penelope discovers that Dallas has yet to visit his mother in the hospital, she urges him to get over his fear and see her before it’s too late. Penelope knows what she is talking about – her father died in hospital years ago. She never got the chance to say goodbye. The grief and regret still haunt her.

One night, with the assistance of Omar, these three oddball friends set out on a mission to get Dallas into the hospital to visit his mother. The adventure turns into a thought-provoking night filled with supernatural forces – forces that eventually culminate at the Scatcher house on their porch.

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