The School

Noah Sadler is a school teacher who has been mourning the death of his fiancée for almost a year.  She was viciously murdered at the school where he taught and where he is afraid to return.  When he receives an invitation from his grade 2 class to come out to an art exhibit they are having, the madness in Noah’s mind takes on a new level.

Things around him begin to bleed and his fiancée’s killer, Jude Denwood, follows him wherever he goes.  Lines blur between what is real and what is not.  In the midst of this chaos, Noah receives a second invitation, this one from Jolene Denwood, Jude’s mother.  She would like Noah to come visit her and discuss the tragedy.

Noah’s estranged father, Godfrey, adds to his nightmare world.  Noah struggles mightily to make peace with Godfrey – a man, who much like himself, lives in the past and is haunted by the tragic death of his own wife.  Father and son have been at odds for years with Godfrey blaming Noah for his wife’s untimely death. 

Afraid to follow in his father’s footsteps of bitterness and sadness, Noah searches for meaning beyond the devastating events at the school.  He seeks sanctuary in the most unlikely of places – a church, where he is counseled by his fiancée’s minister.

Pastor Anton becomes a mentor to Noah and recognizes through their sessions that Noah feels extremely guilty over his fiancée’s death.  He suggests that maybe by taking up Jolene Denwood’s invitation and visiting her, forgiveness and healing can transpire and Noah might be able to move on.  

Noah also finds solace and an ally with Jude’s sister, Felisha.  Felisha is labeled the “black sheep” of her crazy family, and has been a friend of Noah’s since the death of his fiancée.   She disagrees with Pastor Anton and thinks that a visit to Jolene Denwood would do more harm than good.   She is right.  When Noah goes to see Jolene, he quickly realizes that she is just as twisted as her son Jude.   She blames Noah for the slaughter that took place at the school and fills him with more fear about ever teaching again.

Noah fights to escape the guilt, the blood, and visions of Jude who wants nothing more but to destroy Noah’s spirit.  Pastor Anton and Felisha both agree that the only way for Noah to restore sanity back into his life and rid himself of the demons that haunt him at his every turn would be by accepting his grade 2 class’s invitation and return to the school – a place of innocence mired in blood.

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