What Are You Made Of

Courage. We all need it in our lives.   Some of us seem to naturally have it more than others (or at least to the naked eye it appears that way). When life doesn’t give you what you want when YOU want it, we tend to lose our courage. Discouragement comes easily. And yet I would argue that it is in those times when you must dig deeper than you ever have and rise above the negative voices. It is in the disappointment and feeling like you are wandering in the wilderness that one’s true character comes to the surface.   No matter how successful you are or how much money you have or how many friends you have on “social media”…all of us, at one point or another suffer from doubt…or the courage to continue.  Fight. Fight that urge to give in or give up.

Last month when I found out I was a finalist with 2 of my scripts in the Kairos Prize, I came away feeling inspired…and yet disappointed at the same time….because I didn’t win the grand prize.    Everyone I’ve spoken to has been encouraging regarding my effort. But I would be lying to you if I didn’t admit that the doubts can be crippling; that the direction and road I travel on sometimes feels like it is filled with many deep potholes.   Artistic expression can be such a subjective experience. In one contest, my script The Great Surrender places in the TOP 3 out of 600 (Page International Screenwriting Awards) and then does not make the TOP 200 (out of 900) in the recent Screen Craft Screenplay Competition.

If you are an artist (or in fact, whatever field you are in), tests will come your way to see what you are made of.   I just found out that my play Animal was not accepted in the Summerworks Theatre Festival – another pothole along the way. You must be continually willing to put yourself out there and navigate your way toward courage. Don’t let yourself be defeated. For some of us that may mean a course correction… a revaluation, or a time to take risk. But listen to your heart. Listen to who you are because others may tell you what you should be doing but only you know what is right or true for you. Be yourself…and be the best of who you are. Don’t be second best. We can all be better.  Strive.

So, my friends…wherever you find yourself today…carry on.   Look for the light at the end of the tunnel…just know they’ll be many tunnels, many lights, many failures and successes (some bigger than others), but in the end what counts is to face your life with grace, purpose and courage.




  1. Karen Coles says:

    So well said Romeo. You’ve inspired me to “dig deeper” or rather “rise above” a situation that today was mentally crippling. So glad that I read your encouraging words. I hope you will continue to have passion for what you are doing wherever it leads you. It takes immense courage to be vulnerable and as you come to mind I will bring you before our Divine Counsellor. May God richly bless your work and give your writing inspiration.

  2. Josie Beylerian says:

    Well stated Romeo. Be true to yourself. Only you know what direction you want to take. Keep moving on. You cast long and short shadows as you travel on. Words are powerful. Only you can make a difference in what direction you want to take. God will show you and you will have a gut feeling which path you want to move on to. Writing depends on your mood. It reflects your inner thoughts. Believe in yourself and good things are just around the corner.

  3. I don’t know many people who’d admit publicly their failures as you’ve done in this post. This is a true reflection of your courage. Your behaviour has always been an inspiration. Today in my eyes, you are a success in what I value in an artist- honesty and perseverance. Your vulnerability and openness are rare in social media and a refreshing, inspirational read. I look forward to seeing your deeply felt emotions on the big screen … and I’ll say, “Didn’t Romeo write a blog post about summoning up courage in the ashes of failure?” Everything feeds the artist.

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