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When Melanie Kersh is asked by a university to speak at a faith symposium about her book The Colour of Grace, she gladly accepts the invitation even though crowds scare her.   Melanie grew up in a strict, ultra-conservative household often butting heads with her domineering mother, Shelley.   Three years earlier, their relationship was brought to the breaking point when Melanie’s son Jack put his life in danger and came to the rescue of his friends Gaby and Vince.   In order to make sense of the senseless and rediscover what grace really means, Melanie goes on a journey of faith while writing her book.   But her biggest challenge comes from her close-minded mother whose harsh words have haunted Melanie her entire life:  “There are bad people, there are good people, there is nothing in-between”.

At the Stone Church – April 2014


Cast & Creative


Back Row (from left to right):  Phyllis Chong,  Nadine Gravis,  Linda Lyons,         Randy Blimkie
Front Row :  Gianni Murphy,  Ryan MacKinnon,  Ashley Alagurajah


  • Melanie Kersh……..Nadine Gravis
  • Jack Kersh………….Ryan MacKinnon
  • Shelley Kersh………Linda Lyons
  • Edward Kersh……..Randy Blimkie
  • Winnie Kersh……….Phillyis Chong
  • Vince Truman……..Gianni Murphy
  • Gaby Roy……………Ashley Alagurajah


written & directed by Romeo Ciolfi
stage manager – Leslie Ann Walcott

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