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Hannah Walker and her ailing sister Victoria have recently come home to help their mother Leah pack up the family home.  The Walkers have sold their house and are moving… but in more directions than they realize.    Looking for some peace and quiet to work on her final thesis, a play on the topic of passion, Hannah has ventured to a room in the house that her mother has kept locked for years…the attic.  It is through the act of writing, her sister Victoria and Aunt Naomi – a whimsical adult with a child-innocence – that Hannah begins to unpack truths about her mother’s life.   Who is Leah Walker and what is she hiding about her own parents?  Buried secrets and lost faith reveal a past that is about to collide with the present when it’s discovered what’s up in the attic.

At the Stone Church – April 2012


Cast & Creative


  • Abigail Page……….Amanda McKay
  • Daniel Page……..…Lorne Anderson
  • Naomi Page………..Linda Lyons
  • Hannah Walker……Lauren Clarke
  • Victoria Walker……Jacqui Compayre
  • Leah Walker………..Susan Lock
  • Mary……………….……Elaine Lai
  • Bartholomew……….GeorgeSantos
  • Simon Peter ………..Brian Yee


Written & Directed by Romeo Ciolfi
Stage Manager – Leslie Ann Walcott
Music by Máire Slater, David Stone and Regie Taruc
Set Design by  Arthur Wrigglesworth


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