Darby, a young playwright lives with his mentor Carla – a 63 year retired teacher who suffers with various ailments.   When Darby shares his latest play it strikes all too closely to his mentor’s life.  Carla accuses him of stealing from her life.   Tension escalates following Darby’s chance meeting in a park with Jewel, a feisty 21 year old photographer.  He invites Jewel to the house and Carla becomes immediately threatened by her presence as secrets and lies unravel.  Things come to a breaking point, when Jewel’s reluctant father, Linus, a hockey coach, shows up and Carla is suddenly confronted with a painful past which ties her intimately to Linus – a past she wishes to bury forever.

OverTime asks the question, is it ever too late to face deep, hidden wounds from long ago?  Can hope be allowed to live in the light of harsh truths and second chances?

In the vein of Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller, OverTime explores the lives of four broken individuals who are trapped and desperately need to break out of the shackles that have held them back.

Overtime will be stage at the Toronto Fringe Festival July 2-12, 2015.

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