Who is Molly Steele?


A catastrophe pushes Molly Steele to take a cross-country road trip to the place where she grew up to confront the haunted memories she has buried her entire life.


Finish what you start. Molly Steele lives by these words.   She is known as a shrewd lawyer who gets the job done.   But her life is a closed book, and much of it, a lie.   She lives in seclusion and values her privacy above anything else.

When Molly is involved in a plane crash where she miraculously emerges as the lone survivor, her life suddenly becomes the headline.   Trapped in a hospital recovering from extensive injuries, the media becomes obsessed with digging up information about her life.   To add to her stress, she is being visited by a deceased passenger who sat next to Molly on the plane. Tucker Graham, a 10 year old boy, becomes a guide for Molly to deal with the ghosts of her past.

Months go by and Molly physically heals, but mentally struggles with the reality of what has happened. She comes across The Survivors Club – a group of individuals who have suffered tremendous guilt for having survived a horrific tragedy. The Survivors Club leader, Joshua Walters, an Iraq war veteran and group member, Carmen Fisher accompany Molly on a cross-country road trip to Wyoming where Molly grew up on a farm.

All three are challenged on this road trip, with Molly forced to confront the past she has never told anyone about – a past that includes her religious parents who wanted Molly to inherent a farm life she never wanted. There is also her son, who Molly left behind.

As they near Wyoming, Molly gets cold feet and abandons the entire trip. But when Tucker Graham appears before her yet again, she reminds Molly who she is – a woman who gets the job done and finishes what she starts.

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